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613 Sweat

n the CrossFit endurance class you will learn:
  • to maximize cardiovascular fitness by creating an optimal balance between the energy systems.
  • to understand pacing protocols for various distance'workouts using heart-rate-based programming.
  • to understand and perform dynamic warm-up's specific to running based workouts.
  • how to properly recruit muscle groups to enable safer and more efficient running technique.
Coached by Neil Rosenthal:

Neil is a past competitive runner and individual coach to endurance athletes (runners, adventure racers, OCR athletes, ultra marathoners) of 6 years.
Some of his qualifications and experiences include:
- Certified Pedorthist specializing in biomechanics and clinical injury management with a niche in addressing athletes and endurance sports. As a clinician he is looking at all things related to achieving performance and injury free running through optimal mobility, strength, posture, and technique